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Aircraft Maintenance Software


UP Development Inc. has brought Aircraft Maintenance Software steps ahead of its competition with the creation of AMAREMS

The full circuit of aircraft maintenance processes would be incomplete without aircraft maintenance computer based systems. UP Development Inc. considers aircraft maintenance and reliability software as vital in an ever changing technologically advanced market place.

Aircraft Maintenance And Reliability Electronic Management System is

  • An electronic system for entry storage and standardization of maintenance, reliability and operation data, in electronic format by airline operator and its designees.
  • System of Global Access Network and software for input and monitoring of aircraft maintenance and reliability related information.
  • Required documents (software standardized to many different Airworthiness Authorities requirements):
    • Logbooks
    • Work Cards
    • Store Labels
    • Part Tags and etc.


  • Virtually Paperless Aircraft Maintenance.
  • Increased Data Accessibility, Mobility and Timing.
  • Real-time Retrieval of complete up-to-date information about aircraft condition (Real-time fleet status).
  • Aircraft release with better organized, documented and real-time updated paperwork.
  • Elimination of paperwork duplication.
  • System interface to the level of intuition data entry.

Note: Intuition Data Entry-simplification of the link "paperwork operator-computer" by design structure of GUI and paperwork.

  • All paperwork and system interfaces mirror each other (to each block, location and sequence, etc.)
  • Use of Participatory Design which distinguishes AMAREMS from other systems.

Note: Participatory Design is an approach to design that attempts to actively involve the end users in the design process to help insure that the product designed meets their needs and is usable.

  • Link wirelessly between aircraft systems (ACARS) and AMAREMS ground network.
  • Extended Stores Functions module, including link to/from repair facilities (internet accessibility)
  • Crew (line and hangar) control and scheduling module based on AMAREMS Core maintenance module
  • Station Maintenance Alerts mandatory readings for aircraft maintenance personnel (with progress implementation list, accessible by managers).

Currently used systems have following the drawbacks:

  • Non user-friendly
  • Necessary duplication of information into separate system, not linked to each other.
  • Not adapted to airlines Line Maintenance reality
  • Non correlated to companys paperwork
  • Inability to centralize information
  • Duplication (frequently more than three times) of data entries.
  • Unavailability to link its interface to other widely used tools (electronic forms of AMM, IPC, WMD, etc) for immediate use.
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