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Aircraft Leasing and Acquisition

Buying, Selling or Leasing Aircraft has never been an easy experience and it is always a complex process.

UP Development inc. provides a full range of services for companies and individuals seeking to acquire aircraft.

UP Development inc. join forces in strategic partnership with Newland Group* to help our clients to meet their needs and objectives.

  • Constant monitoring and aviation market research.
  • Search and negotiation process strategies aimed to achieve most suitable conditions and better deals for our clients.
  • Wide range of legal, financial, management and maintenance services including technical audits.
  • Arrangement of all necessary bridging inspections and checks required for lease transfer with our constant monitoring.
  • Leasing transfer contract preparation and legal support.
  • Airworthiness licensing and registration with Authorities of the country chosen by a client.
  • Arrangement of all necessary training and education required to operate and maintain aircraft.

* Newland Group — Canadian company with many years of experience in unique world of aviation consulting services.

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